Capture, translate & understand economic value in healthcare

Capture, Translate & Understand Economic Value

Health Economics Consulting (HEC) helps organisations & health systems navigate openness and transparency in investment decisions.

Our Ethos

At Health Economics Consulting (HEC), our mission is to utilise well-established gold standard methodologies in health economics and research, wrapped in modern design that promotes improved understanding and engagement.

In a world with finite resources and unlimited patient needs (scarcity), decisions on how to best allocate resources must be made (choices). Using resources on one healthcare activity inevitably means sacrificing activity somewhere else (opportunity cost).

Where We Excel

We incentivise good investment decisions by creating an easy-to-use system that captures and translates economic value, while providing a robust and reliable approach to decision-making.

Malleable & Transparent

The world's fastest-growing health economics modelling library.

Malleable & Transparent

Malleable and transparent models that inform value and outcome-based pricing.

Malleable & Transparent

A variety of health system and condition specific insights and research.

Malleable & Transparent

Stakeholder and policymaker specific communication and presentation.

Sandbox Modelling Environment

Access Models & Services

All our models and services are designed and built with the end-organisation and end-user in mind. This means that there is genuine openness, transparency and collaboration across all services. Organisations and users are able to access models and engage with us in a constructive and inquisitive manner, right down to research, development and modelling.

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Sandbox Environment

Optimal Information

Pricing & Outcome Strategy

Our goal is to help organisations and users make informed and strategic decisions at any stage of their development and decision-making journey. We’re able to utilise optimal information to guide and advise organisations and decision-makers.

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Optimal Information

Health Economics Literacy

Build Capability

Part of our service delivery is to help organisations and users develop and grow foundational knowledge in the world of health economics. We put a significant focus on education, communication, and coordination to ensure we maximise benefits and add substantial value to our services.

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Health Economic Literacy

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